Monday, April 27, 2009

kids pjs

Jackson needs new pajamas. I normally shop for my kids at the consignment shop here. Garage sale prices and super cute clothes; I recently found a Hiho Batik surf shirt for Jackson. But it's hard to find pjs there; so here's a roundup of kids jammies.

Hannah Anderson $40 (on sale for $28)
I would never pay $40 for pajamas, but they sure are cute.

Baby Gap: $22 (on sale $18)
These are very quality pjs, nice and thick and long lasting; but still a bit pricey.

Gymboree: $30 (on sale for $14)
I found one pair of Gymboree pjs for Acacia at consignment and they are still my favorite. Very long lasting and thick, comfy cotton. They have them for as low as $9!

Old Navy: $15 (on sale for $12)
Not very long lasting, and you can get some for basically the same price at Gymboree.

Target: $15 (2 shirts, 1 pant, 1 short)
Good luck finding the size you need, and you'll never use the shorts anyway.

Sorry, the picture wouldn't transfer.

Walmart $7
If you like sleeping in sandpaper, these are the ones for you.

Babies R Us $23.
It's really hard to find non-footed jammies at Babies R Us; and they outgrow the footies way before they outgrow the rest of the pjs. Also, I am philospohically opposed to Babies R Us and these aren't even cute!
Costco $9 (1 shirt, 1 pant, 1 short)
Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Sorry, no picture.


juneheller said...

costco has a great jammie set for $10, it's 3 pieces, pants, shorts and a tshirt. I love the pair I bought and will buy another next trip. what size is jack? I'll see if I have any good jammies for you in my reserve.

Shirley Montavon said...

LOL....those last BABIES R US PJ's would be "cute" for my household.....since my husband is a Firefighter, he would like these.

Me....not so much! I think we have quite enough firefighting apparel at our home!


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