Wednesday, May 6, 2009

enchilada recipe hack

Since yesterday was Cinco de Mayo (NOT Mexican independence day, that's in September), we had to have sour cream chicken enchiladas, of course.

I wanted to avoid a trip to the grocery store so I had to use plain whole milk yogurt instead of sour cream and guess what... they were delicious, perhaps even better than the original.

Sour Cream:
492 calories
48g fat
7g protein
27% calcium

Whole Milk Yogurt:
180 calories
9g fat
9g protein
40% calcium

1 comment:

The Clay Family said...

Hey, I made these Saturday night and they were a HUGE hit. Add some spicy spanish rice & refried beans, and you'd think you were in Texas, I mean Mexico. ;0) Thanks for the recipe!!


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