Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm drinkin' the kool-aid

I just spent the kid's nap listening to the Dave Ramsey show podcast... instead of zoning out to HGTV.

My motto has always been "Don't die with money in the bank." So when he used that as a bad example, I was a little confused. He got me again when he said retail therapy doesn't work... what?! I just came back from the mall.

I'm not enrolling in the Financial Peace University, yet... but I did drink some Ramsey kool-aid and it hit the spot.


Gable said...

shan, if you really are contemplating FPU, call me. i'm a big dave ramsey fan; thats how clay and i got our financial life back in order. i'd be happy to tell you pros and cons from our perspective.

ziondreamer said...


Cton and I are in it right now. It's like one of those sermons where you're like, "Ouch! You're stepping on my toes. Thank you may have another?"

Shirley Montavon said...

Hello! I have wondered over to you blog that was recommended by a "friend" from my Xanga. LOL She also has a Blogger blog.

I have taken FPU!! I am also a huge Dave Ramsey fan. My company offered FPU here at work and they paid half the cost! It was a great class.

I'm working on becomming debt free. Though, I'm still set in a few of my ways. I do have a budget but my biggest dilema is doing something constructive with money left over! LOL We tend to blow it. :(

Anyway.....I'm enjoying your blog!!


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