Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jackson's eating his hands!

I have one of these stories every day, I just forget about it when I have the time to blog. But this one, I remember.

I switched Jackson's car seat to forward facing last week so we can see each other. Translation: he had been screaming his head off every time we had to go anywhere in the car. Today we were out running errands and Jackson was, um, growling. Loudly. I looked at him in the rear view mirror and he had both of his hands stuffed in his mouth and was drooling all over himself; I guess he's teething. Anyway, I laughed and said, "Hey Acacia, look, Jackson's eating his hands!" She looked over at him and started crying, pleading with him, "No, Jackson. Don't eat them."

It was HI-LIARIOUS. I laughed out loud for a good couple of minutes. And have chuckled several times remembering the scene.

She eventually realized that he wasn't actually eating them and she enjoyed a good laugh, too.


Gable said...

that one made my morning...thanks.

Linda said...

you're awesome...thanks for sharing those moments of motherhood that make us take a deep breath and have a good laugh.

The Clay Family said...

That's AWESOME! I just LOVE little ones - there's always something new they are discovering!


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