Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my identity crisis

I've opened up with many of you about how this new season of my life has brought with it new challenges. Having Acacia two years ago changed my life but not my identity. I was still Shannon... free spirited, somewhat irresponsible, flighty, and lovin' it.

Two is changing me. With the hours Brandon works and managing two children, I have had to take on more of the responsibilities. We have a budget that I stick to... with the envelope system. I pay all our bills online, with a great system that works for me. Get this... to save money and time I plan our entire month's meals so I can do my shopping once a week. Yes, me... Shannon... I already know what I'm going to cook for dinner every night for the rest of the month of May.

Isaiah 42:16 and the Titus 2 list are my motto in this season and even though it is a serious stretch for me, I am enjoying this part of the journey.

+ God WILL guide me along this unfamiliar path.

+ With His help, I can:
> be sane & responsible
> show Brandon and my two kids love in a way they can receive it
> voluntarily place limits on my own freedom (hello envelope system!)
> be modest
> keep my home a nice place to live
> be kindhearted
> adapt. adapt. adapt. adapt. adapt.


Pops & Mimi said...

You are the Proverbs 31 woman!

shannon said...

I am nowhere near the proverbs 31 woman. But thanks for the encouragement!

The Clay Family said...

Praise God for the strength & endurance & grace as He stretches & molds us into women who glorify HIM above all as we lose ourselves in His glory!


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