Monday, June 15, 2009

best day ever!

It started out as a normal day. Woke up, dressed self and kids, fed self and kids. Got stroller tire repaired at bike shop and went to the park. It was blazing hot today so we left early to head home for lunch and some cold water.

There's a husband and wife team that do several of the lawn around here and I always enjoy saying "hi" to the wife. We were pregnant with our boys at the same time so we like to laugh about how big they are and how cute their chubby thighs are. Only difference, she was pushing around a lawnmower in her eighth month while I stuffed my face with ice cream. Oh, and she already has 6 other kids.

In the summer she has to bring all her kids with her during the work day because there is no school. Today, when we got back from the park, they were all sitting in the shade, sweating, trying to take a break. So, Acacia and I strolled over and invited them to come over and have their brake with us. They took some convincing, but finally gave in. We had some cold water and there was just enough Dulce De Leche cake leftover from when Clay & Gable were visiting to go around to all of us.

They hung out for an hour or so while Jackson slept, and we had such a great time. I was all smiles the whole rest of the day. How is this for perspective...

We think we are outgrowing our little less than 1000 sq. foot back house. They are squeezing 7 kids and 2 adults into a 2 bedroom apartment. She has to use a lawnmower everyday, I don't know how to use one.


Unrelated note...
Just read a great post from SimpleMom today: 7 Great Ways to Find Motivation At Home.

Read it. Memorize it. Love it.


Chelsea Hudson said...

oh geez.. what a day. love it! and the Simple Mom article? Just. what. i. needed. today. and as for you staying in FL.. I am happy that you finally got word, but have to admit I am sad you won't be closer to us in tTX..... V E R Y sad. But I will try to get over it. miss you!

shannon said...

miss you to chels... and MUST get our families together soon. I would have loved being a few states closer to you.


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