Monday, June 15, 2009

a timely visit

Last Thursday we thought that we would certainly be moving to Dallas with Brandon's job.

We found out on Friday that we will be staying here and Brandon will be on the SouthCom project. We are glad to stay close to our friends, our church, the ocean, and the Miami vibe... but we were very much looking forward to some change and living close to my parents and my stud bro, Clay, and his wife, Cool Aunt Gable.

We did get a vist from them this weekend and it helped take our mind off all the moving related stress we've been feeling. And, once again, Cool Aunt Gable earned her name. She did an awesome art project with Acacia.

And Clay and Jack took to each other immediatly. Clay, you're a natural.
Thanks guys for coming, can't wait to finish hanging with you in Colorado in just a couple weeks!

1 comment:

Gable said...

these are great pics! i'll send you ours later...we got some good ones, too. love you so much.


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