Wednesday, June 10, 2009

fun with the laundry

I try to stay on top of the laundry by doing a load a day, but there's usually a clean load somewhere waiting to be folded and put away. So, rather than ignore it, we played with it. While Jackson crammed t-shirts into his mouth, I made Acacia into "a chrysallis" (she's really into butterflies lately).

Oh, and a scary story to end with.
I put Acacia down for her quiet time and came downstairs and turned on the monitor. A little whining, but nothing unusual. She fell asleep about a half an hour ago. I just ran outside to put something in my car and when I can back in I noticed Acacia's window is open and she took her screen off! She cannot fit under the windows to crawl/fall out, thank God.

All in a days work!


Gable said...

crap, that'll give you a heart attack. thank goodness you've got that sweet window contraption:)

The Clay Family said...

It's a good thing God doesn't just leave us alone with these kids! He's there watching over them & us constantly! Praise Him! ;0)


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