Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a moment of bliss

Sorry to complain, but the last few weeks have been so exhausting.

Brandon's project at the airport is finishing up and there is a possibility that we will be relocated in the next few weeks. We don't yet know if or when or where. I have not started packing up the house because I don't want to live with boxes stacked all around me if I don't have to and the thought is a little overwhelming.

Add to that, the kids have been difficult. Jackson is adorable, but he just doesn't nap during the day; and he's not sleeping well at night for that matter. And Acacia, believe it or not, has been such a whiner.

Add to that, we SOLD OUR TV on craigslist and I am unable to zone out to hgtv or the food network and I have been a serious grouch. I'm trying to make it day to day by consuming large amounts of dark chocolate and frantically searching Trulia in Miami and other various cities wondering where we will be living next.

Oh, my moment of bliss, I nearly forgot...

Jackson took a 30 minute dozer at 10 am and I took that opportunity to spend some quality time with Acacia in her room. After about 20 minutes I decided I'd go ahead and put her down for her quiet time (she rarely naps), even though it was so early. And I vowed to myself to not go back into her room no matter how much whining she did. Jackson woke up and Acacia whined for 1 hour and 1/2. It was not pleasant. Then... miracle of miracles... they both fell asleep at the same time.

I rushed downstairs and cracked open my dusty Bible; (isn't His word the only thing that can really heal our crankiness?) and devoured several chapeters of Jeremiah. Then I crashed. Not a cat nap, or even a little doze. We're talking drool-running-down-the-side-of-my-arm crashed, if I were a snoorer... I'd have disturbed the whole neighborhood. It was WONDERFUL. Now I'm awake, rested, and refreshed by God, and ready to tackle some of those little projects I haven't been able to get to in over a week.

Just for some eye candy... here's some outtakes from a photoshoot my friend Heather did of the kids. She's sooo patient!


juneheller said...

Do you want to come over? You can sit in my kitchen with a cup of coffee and watch kelly ripa all morning if you want...I'll snuggle jackson for you and I'm sure punky can keep acacia occupied.

love you

Chelsea Hudson said...

oh man, can i just tell you that i miss you like crazy. we NEED to be closer. I NEED to go through this stage with you.... you get it. you understand. and yet, you still know where to go in the midst of it all. ok, so i just have to let you know I am praying that God will somehow get us on the same job/city, even state sometime soon. sometime. love ya. and YES.... i have to agree that the incessant crying/whining is LIKE FINGERNAILS ON A CHALKBOARD.... I want to throw myself through the wall after about an hour of it.

ziondreamer said...

Falling on the floor at the utter cuteness.
I need to be with you! Need me some Shannon time.


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