Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Not us... just Jackson.

He's been living rent free in our bedroom since we was born, 6 months ago, and we took the plunge last night. We moved him into big sister Acacia's room, which was always the plan.

We still have to work some kinks out of bedtime and naps, but I think it's going to be just fine. Last night was successful, Jackson only woke up twice and Acacia once. Both times I nursed Jackson and he went right back to sleep and Acacia just said, "covers"... I guess we had the ac blasting! Naptime was a different story. I had Jackson asleep in the kids' room and tried to nap Acacia in mine; but Jackson woke up and Acacia was making too much noise so I ended up putting Acacia back in her bed and Jackson napped in ours while I quietly read on the floor to make sure he didn't roll off. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

The best part of having Jackson out of our room is that I can open the windows and sit out on my sorry-excuse-for-a-deck while reading my Bible and greeting the sun. I got a whole hour this morning. Glorious!

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Brandon said...

When are these freeloaders gonna start paying rent?!


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