Thursday, July 23, 2009

what a relief!!

I dragged myself into the doctor's office this morning for both kids' checkups. It was supposed to be routine well visits, but Acacia had a 101 fever and I was soooooo relieved to find out that Jackson had an ear infection. He has been rather difficult lately, not sleeping AT ALL... and he has this high pitched squeal that has peeled the paint off our house and broken all the neighbor's windows. So, tylenol for both kids, antibiotics for Jack... and some hot chai for mommy. We should all be better by this weekend. Then we'll go back for a true well visit in two weeks.

I mentioned a month or so ago that my stud hubby scored a Dyson DC14... well, I ordered the missing part and it still wasn't working properly. I finally had it repaired by the vacuum genius, Steve, at All Brand Vacuum (off 186th and Biscayne). I just had the most magical vacuuming experience of my life. It's 10:30 and I'm up vacuuming, and blogging about it; it was that good. After the first run, maybe 5 minutes, I emptied one canister full of yucko. Second run, another canister full. Third run, different rug this time, yup... another canister full. It was so rewarding. I think I'll hit the stairs tomorrow; and the fans (it has a telescoping reach!)

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