Wednesday, August 19, 2009

brainless in miami

If I only had a brain. I think I lost it in the move.

Can't think, not sleeping, no structure, poor diet (fridge still broken). I'm truly a mommy in the mist this week. It's only a phase... right?


chelsea said...

i am with you... except i am mommy on drugs. benedryl that is. had two days in phoenix without any asthma/allergy issues. then they just leveled me today. had to take benedryl at noon... barely eeking by until the girls went down for naps and i am off to bed right after i post this. as for the kids... ours were sharing a room for several months now... just separated them today because the naptime issues were driving me nuts. i am going to wait until sydney can talk and we can communicate beyond the screaming phase. they generally did ok at night but i just spend so much time at nap time reprimanding, spanking, separating. so not worth it right now. so for now, they will sleep in separate rooms but only one of the rooms has all their play stuff and clothes etc. eventually i want them to share a room (and maybe a bed) again. sorry i am of no encouragement here... its the drugs. i can hardly see straight right now. i wish we could cry out our woes over coffee or chai at your new house while our kids wore themselves into the ground playing in your backyard. that would guarentee good sleep tonight. love you!

shannon said...

Oooooh, sista' friend! That is an encouragement. Who wants to spank and reprimand their children to sleep?! That's what it is here, too. It's AWFUL!

At this point, it's both of them that are the problem. Braj is at a conference in Greely, so that doesn't exactly help things.

Someday this will all be a distant memory.

Gable said...

Man, can't wait to get pregnant!!

Thinking about you Shannon. I don't know how you do it.

shannon said...

Yes, CAG... it is all glamour, all the time.

Good news is when Braj gets back tomorrow, he can install a shower curtain and I can get a shower for the first time this week. Ahhhh, the lap of luxury.

Georgia said...

hey Shannon, when mine were really small i put the girls to bed first and they would usually they fall a sleep. 20 mins later i would put Jacob to bed.But they all had their own rooms except the twins, who always shared. Now..... i was having problems putting Jacob to bed as he shares a room with Noah.
Not ideal but what can we do?. We put Jacob to bed first and have to wait until he is out. (At least 30 mins) Otherwise he talks all night long.
Maybe you can try that with Acacia and Jack as he probably goes down after her.

i found with all of mine, when a newborn came into the house they have a way of drowning out the cries and sleeping right through it. It is like a switch flips and they registar the sound and want to just sleep through it. not the same for us mums.


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