Tuesday, August 18, 2009

we're in!

The move was a success; and this house in perfect for us. I have had some great times just staring out the big windows into our huge backyard... and avoiding all the unpacking I have still. I can't find my flip video camera and my regular camera is still broken, and Braj's camera is at work... so you get no pics yet, but soon.

We've had some real sleep problems here lately. It got so bad that we had to seperate the kids, Jackson is in the kid's room and Acacia's bed fits perfectly in our closet (no door, don't worry). I have explained to her that once she learns how to go to sleep quietly, she can move back into Jackson's room. I'd love bedtime routine tips or tips for siblings sharing rooms if anyone out there has any ideas. You know how it is when you're exhausted, you just can't come up with creative solutions.

I went back to the thrift store to buy that great mexican chandelier today and it was GONE! I'm so bummed, I should have known better. Oh well, I'll figure out something else.

Tan, khaki, neutral, call it what you want, it's beige. Our last place had beige walls, ceiling, and tile in both bedrooms. We always thought about painting but never did. This place has a little better shade of beige, but it's still ALL beige. WHY?!
So, I picked up a color sample jar at the paint store today. It's my favorite color in the whole world... grey (barely on the greenish side). I painted part of one wall in the florida room already just to see. I think I may go for it; at least in the florida room. I have a REAL thing these days for grey & white with brown accents. Mmmmmmmmmm... so pretty!

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Kelly and Katie said...

I love that image!! Which shade of grey is your wall?


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