Wednesday, August 12, 2009

more snippets

1. Jackson sleeps!

Acacia didn't sleep through the night until she was fully weaned at about 15 months. Jackson sleeps through the night (8-9pm until 6-7am) nearly every night now that the kids share a room. Sometimes, like this morning, he woke up at 6am to nurse and fell back asleep for another hour. I got some good, quality time with God on my sorry-excuse-for-a-deck again. What a HUGE blessing sleep is. If you get some... don't don't take it for granted.

2. Acacia, my friend.

She zips around the room on her ladybug with Jackson crawling around after her as she squeals, "He's chasing me! He's coming to get me!" She loves to share her wooden birthday cake with him and sing him the birthday song, he likes to chew on the wooden candles. If Jackson tries to take something she is playing with, she will redirect him to something else, or get him a new toy. She is a dream.
In a "big sister" outfit I just finished for her friend, Mae,
who just became a big sister to baby Grace; born yesterday at 4lb.s 8 oz! A miracle baby.

She knows now to be quiet if Jackson is asleep, but sometimes she has trouble with that. Last night was one of those times. I explained to her that if she is loud after Jackson is in his crib, I will have to come back in and spank her bottom. Well, she was loud, and Jackson woke up screaming. I went in to comfort Jackson and tell her to quiet down. While I was rocking Jack, she repeated over and over, "spank my bottom, spank my bottom" in kind of a sing-song voice. So, I put Jack down and went over and asked if she needed me to spank her and she said, "YES, I was tooooo loud." Ummmm... okay... I guess I'll have to follow through. So I spanked her and she was so sad, she just wanted to be held for awhile. So I held her and told her how much I love her and how special she is and what a great daughter and sister she is. She even let me rock her in my lap for awhile. She is so precious. I just love that girl.

3. Almost done packing, can't wait for Saturday!

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juneheller said...

"spank my bottom, spank my bottom..." Acacia cracks me up.


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