Friday, August 14, 2009

moving STRESS!

Tomorrow is the big day. We are going to try to move a few things tonight.

I met the landlord and the gas utility guy there today. It's looking pretty good, the ac is working and the other utilities are all hooked up. The cleaning lady isn't coming until wednesday!?! Not sure what to do about that one.

I was really hoping for good naps for both kids today, but that isn't working... Acacia is keeping Jackson up saying, "Look, buddy... it's a beautiful day!" At least he's not crying. It may sound cute, but to this tired mommy with sooo much to do; I was really hoping for naps. Oh well.

I took more pictures, but my camera broke so I can't upload them... I'll try with Brandon's work camera this weekend.

I'm hoping Brandon will by me this awesome mexican looking chandelier at the thrift store (it would be PERFECT in our new florida room/dining room) to make up for this lousy day I've had. Hon... you reading this?

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ziondreamer said...

Well, so how'd it go??


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