Monday, September 21, 2009

you always new I was a dirty hippie...

I don't know if any of you saw the link on Simple Mom yesterday, but her title, "How to Clean Your Hair Without Shampoo" caught my attention.

The truth is, I only shampoo my hair about once a week and condition it every other week... so shampoo free isn't exactly a huge change for me. I just knew that my hair does better on the days I don't wash it; but I felt like I had to wash occasionally just to not be gross. Now I know there is an alternative!

You just mix about a tablespoon of baking soda in a squirt bottle filled with water. That's it. Your new shampoo! That should last you close to a week if you wash daily.

Want a conditioner... another squirt bottle. This one has a tablespoon of vinegar and fill the rest with water. I added some lavender oil so I don't come out smelling like a pickle. Okay, I added lavender, bergamont, cedarwood, & balsam peru (one of my favorite combinations!)


If you are thinking, "Shannon, I knew you we're 'natural' but GROSS!" That's okay. Let me tell you my philospohy behind all things natural/green/organic/earthy.
If it is cheap, hassle-free, easy to maintain, and doesn't complicate my life, I'll try it.
If it smells good, that's a bonus.
*I recycle because it means less trash I have to take out.
* I don't use hair/skin products because the good ones are expensive, and the cheap ones smell funny, and nothing really works anyway.
* I don't shop organic because it's so much more expensive; and dairy cows are no longer treated with growth hormones or antibiotics, and I rinse all my produce in Veggie Wash anyway.
* I do lots of baking with the fresh ground flour, but we buy sandwich bread at the grocery because it's cheap and it's easier for sammies.
* I use the Ergo because it helps me get things done even when Jackson is fussy, and it's easier on my back that holding him on one hip; not because I like carrying around a 20 lb. baby.
* I wear skirts because they are cooler in this heat.
* I breastfeed because it's less hassle than dealing with bottles, and it's free.
* I have natural births (HAD, I mean) because I dig the challenge, and it's cheaper and I love my midwife.
* I have containers of various seed pods, rocks, feathers and things because they make me happy and some even have great stories.
* I keep my locks long and wild because I look silly with short hair and I don't know what other choices I have. Besides I like it long and wild, even if it is frizzy sometimes. And maybe this baking soda/ vinegar will work!

You can call me a dirty hippie if you want, or a granola, a crunchy mama, a moonbeam, whatever. But you have to try the baking soda/vinegar rinse first.


juneheller said...

It's a great title, but no post.

can I call you dirty hippie now?

Brandon said...

I like moonbeam and I will call you that from now on, but I won't put vinegar in my hair. Maybe in my cottage cheese. Or malt vinegar in my ketchup like at Five Guys, but not my hair.

shannon said...

What will you do when we run out of shampoo?

juneheller said...

Brandon can come over to our house and take one of the millions of bottles of free marriott shampoos that my husband has stashed around the house.

As long as my husband travels for work and stays in hotels, we will never ever run out of shampoo (or itty bitty bars of soap, or pens, or those little shoe polish mitts).

Gable said...

I'm really hoping for an HONEST follow-up post with the results. Haha!

And Shannon, my best friend works for Wella-Sebastian, so we get endless shampoo and hair products...I'd be happy to mail you whatever you want if your husband doesn't like having a pickle laying next to his pillow:)

The Clay Family said...

*laughter circling the room* I LOVE it! I think you may have just had a convert - especially if those oils smell as good as you say they do. ;0) I love that you're so creative!

typos call me kaite said...

i'd like an extra side of *DIRTY* with my hippie friend, please.

shannon said...

I got one extra dirty hippie comin' right up!

come on down and I'll share my hair grease. we'll have a drum circle, it'll be like old times.

p.s. friend, happy rosh hashanah, yom kippur and gettin' ready for that lovely sukkot! any trips planned?

typos call me kaite said...

aww man, shan, i didn't see this til just now! we did have a lovely rosh hashanah and learned so much on yom kippur (and the 10 days between) did you get the link to our picasa pics? yummmmy!

unfortunately our sukkah blew over last night. josh is out like a trooper trying to de-mangle now as i type...pray for him!

praying praying for a trip to the LAND mid november (the eldest daughter is getting married at 18 yrs!) and it will have to be another holy-land miracle if i am to go...but that's been the plan 4 times already, so i'll keep you posted! maybe calvary-miami want to send me as a missionary scout? i'll take a 'team member' if they like!

typos call me kaite said...

id also like to say that i love our dueling blogger images, and love that you have my necklace on* oh, and hey...heads up...package on the way!


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