Sunday, September 20, 2009

bringing home the bacon

Sometimes stay-at-home moms want to help contribute to the family income. Especially if there is something specific to contribute to... um, like an iphone or something. Just a random example.

Okay, it's not random. Braj and I both need new phones, ours are both barely still working and over 2 years old (which is ancient in cell phone world). BUT, we're still on our Dave Ramsey budget and there's no extra for cell phones right now.

So, am I going back to teaching? Or a part time barista? Holding a day care in my home? Stuffing direct mail marketing pieces? Nope... I'm selling all my cloth diapers on ebay. They've all already been bid on, so we'll see how much bacon I can bring home by next Friday!

So long cloth diapering, and good riddance. I'll take my Kirkland's signature diapers from Costco, thanks!
Acacia, about 8 months old. Posing with her first package of diposables.

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juneheller said...


By the way, if you DO decide to open up a daycare in your home, I'll be there ASAP with my checkbook and son.


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