Thursday, November 5, 2009

jackson's first steps and other less exciting updates

This boy is strong as an ox.  Brandon joked that instead of a walker, we should see if they make Defensive Line Sleds for kids.  It's a pretty good idea.

This video was taken about a week ago.  These are Jackson's very first steps.  Now that he's a pro, he's trying to walk everywhere.  Today, he pushed Acacia around in the laundry basket.  He walks while holding just my thumbs.  It's crazy.  But fun.

This new walking excitement comes at a very good time.  I began to notice a lingering pain in my pelvis after carrying Jackson in the Ergo for long periods of time... which I did very often because he slept so well that way.  Turns out I basically sprained part of my pelvis while carrying/delivering him, so I need to be cautious how much I bear his full 20 lbs on my hips.  Needless to say, we are spending more time at home these days.  Although I am not at all a homebody, doctor's orders have been very refreshing.  Getting into a little routine with the kids and slowing down some is good for all of us.  Now I just need to find a good pilates workout video to strengthen my abs and other core muscles.  Suggestions welcomed!

 Is loving learning her letters and sounds.  She's always pointing out letters on things and saying things like, "MMMommy starts with an M.  J-J-J-June starts with a J."   Here she is reading to Mono, who is wearing a swimsuit.

She has developed a strange habit, though.  Well, she has many strange habits, but one particularly curious.  She phrases everything in a question that begins with "what". 
- For example: Instead of "Can I have some milk?"  She'll say, "What can I have?"  And make me guess. 
- Or if she has a particular thing she wants to do (go outside), she'll ask, "What can I do?"  If I respond with something other than what she had in mind, "You can look at a book." She'll whine and say, "Nooooo."  I have to keep guessing until I figure it out.

This goes on all day.  If I try to get out of it, and throw the question back at her, she just repeats it again.  She doesn't realize it's a very exhausting game... in fact, I don't know if she realizes what she's doing at all.  Strange, huh?  I guess she'll grow out of it.  She's had other language curiosities.  When she was just learning to talk she called herself "Tita" and always spoke about herself in the 3rd person. 


typos call me kaite said...

hey sister! i am loving the updates...especially the videos. seeing your little line backer's size has me wondering if 1. you got a package from me and 2. if the little jacksy gift fits?

also, my two cents on the acacia Q&A is that claire, my little nanny charge, just turned 3 in august and has been playing that little 'game' since! she doesn't seem to get SO frustrated if you can't guess, but she sort of makes you feel bad that she needs something and you just can't read her mind/heart. it makes me so sad sometimes because i wonder if she's wrestling with validation on some level?

hmm. that's all i got. love you chicky (and keep up the writing)! can't wait to get my font done...i've been waiting for this (FREE) technology for years!


typos call me kaite said...

i'd also love to see more photos from the blue-wall photo shoot...guessing that was a formal photo op?

shannon said...

yes, dear friend. i will get more blue-wall photos up soon. promise.

you had better tell me as soon as you get your handwriting done. you have the very very very best handwriting in the whole world and I for one, want to pretend like it's mine. I mean... just use it all the time. I mean... see it. Okay, I want to steal it. There.

juneheller said...

I can just imagine Acacia riding the defensive line sled yelling at Jackson like a coach as he gives it all he's got.

Acacia asked me 20 times, "what can I drink?" in 5 minutes and I thought she was pulling a toddler Jedi mind trick on me.

Good luck with that.

Brandon said...

June, that is HILARIOUS! I needed that laugh. Thanks.


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