Friday, January 15, 2010

Acacia is 3!

 Acacia, my darling girl.  You are such a delight and a joy to me.  I love being your mommy more than you can possibly know.  I can already see that you are a hard worker, a caring friend, a good observer, and one who seeks the Truth.  Three is going to be lots of fun for you.  One of my favorite things about being your mommy is finding your "work" all over the house after you have gone to sleep.  Limes in muffin pans in your play kitchen,  way too many clean wipes and diapers in the trash that you have used to diligently clean all your stuffed animals' tushies when you change their diapers, baskets full of an assortment of dress up clothes that didn't make the final cut, play dough stuffed into cookie cutters  in the tupperware drawer, butterfly wings abandoned at the door because you couldn't fit through with them on, dead weed-flowers and rocks in your pockets, and all sorts of things in your little purses and bags (christmas ornaments, jackson's shoes, crayons, granola bars, etc.)

I know what you want more than anything for your birthday is to go the the Letter Factory with Tad and the frog family.  I promise I would take you there if such a place existed.  You will have to settle for some cake, a balloon, and a big surprise (the dollhouse!), instead.  You are so precious to me and I am really looking forward to watching you grow even more this year.  I love you, darling.

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