Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Help Haiti.

As I try to go about my normal life- making cupcakes for birthdays, cooking, laundry, a trip to the park- I can't seem to shake the thought, "why not me?".  The news images are seared in my brain, as I'm sure they are yours.  It is so overwhelmingly devastating and yet here we are, affected yet unchanged. 

image from Reuters

I know there are plenty of reputable aid organizations and all of them could use your help; but if you are interested in helping locally, I have a suggestion:
Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince and the adjoining orphanage.

Years ago Calvary Chapel Melbourne began an orphanage and planted an adjoining church in Port-au-Prince.  The pastor, Seige Poteau, and his wife care for the children and Pastor Seige teaches the church.   The orphanage building is not livable, but all the children survived. The church building is damaged beyond repair.  None of the church members, including the Poteau's were killed, but many are seriously injured.

Calvary Chapel Port-au-Prince blog.

Calvary Melbourne's site for Haiti's urgent needs.

If you want to donate financially, you can send a check to:
Calvary Chapel of Melbourne
2955 Minton Rd
Melbourne, FL 32904
Memo: Haiti or Seige

Phone: 321-952-9673
Fax: 321-952-1329

CC Melbourne is collecting the following medical supplies:
Guaze wraps
4x4 gauze
Mask and Face shields
Trauma Kits

There is a team going later this month to assist, if you are interested, you can contact the team leader here.
image from Reuters

Pray for Haiti. Then pray some more. When you're done... pray some more.

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