Monday, February 8, 2010

It ended up with an ER trip.

Stomach bugs are such a bummer!  At least it wasn't something worse.  Her pediatrician ordered us to hit the children's hospital ER on Friday morning.  She was crazy dehydrated and her blood sugar was 43 (70 is low).  Translation- she was very, very, very sick and puny. But after pumping her little 26 lb body with bags of fluids, she was better.
Doc said to stay on her about the liquids and stick with toast for another day or she could have a relapse.  She refuses Pedialyte and Gatorade and popcicles so I finally remembered about SmartWater, what a lifesaver!

On Saturday I needed to disengage from my nurse roll for just a few minutes and so I decided to dig a huge hole in the back yard and plant some silver buttonwood that I've had in pots for 4 years.  I hit rock.  Which turned out to be part of the foundation.  Now there is a huge hole in my yard.

I brought Acacia over to ask some input:

Me: There's a huge rock in the ground and it's too big for me to move.  It's even too big for Papa to move.  What should we do?

Acacia:  Hmm, let me just try. 
(hops on top of the rock and grabs a small rock fragment off the top of the pile.)
There!  Now it's better!


brandon said...

I'm glad she was working safely by wearing her work boots.

This story is one of my favorite stories ever. Her mind didn't even register the large rock. Awesome!

shannon said...

Yes, safety first around here. You never know when OSHA might drop by. Besides, what goes better with a pink tutu than red cowboy boots and pajama pants?

June- I think that might be a good one for your "I dressed myself" blog.


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