Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the latest

1. Barf-O-Rama

It was Braj and I a few weeks ago; now it's Acacia.  She's had her fair share since birth.  Some landed her in the ER with an I.V., were hoping this one passes on it's own.  Poor little, sweet thing.  She's so puny when she's sick.  Today I am thankful for Beatrix Potter's audiobooks on itunes (thanks for the gift card, Mimi & Pops!).  She's resting in our room listening right now.
Our little muffin in after a rough night in the ER when she was one.  
February 4, 2008.  Notice a pattern?

2.  Kiddos update 
Jackson is officially walking on his own now. I love that little stiff legged first walk.  Oh, did I say he's walking?  I meant to say he thinks he can run and he keeps trying to climb up the oven onto the stove top.  Yeah, great, I know.  Suggestions?

We have moved Jackson (permanently this time) back into the crib in Acacia's room.  They are loving sharing a bedroom and we are loving having ours back.  Sometimes Jackson wakes up early, like around 5:30 or so, and I bring him in bed with me since Braj is already at work then.  Acacia is always so sad when she wakes up and he is not there.  Sweet thing.  Both of them.

3.  I can't get enough of...
The local home for neglected, abused, or abandoned children that has been temporarily caring for Haitian child refugees that are on their way to adoptive families.  After my first visit last week, I headed out two more times (with my own kids in tow!) and we have had a blast there.  I was planning on going today but I am caring for my own sick kid today.  Maybe Friday... or Saturday... or both!  I am very thankful that I already got my dinner routine in order so that I am free to pour out my time at the home and still be able to come home and tend to my own family.  I couldn't do both if I didn't have a simple, weekly, dinner menu plan!

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