Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Peter Rabbit & other news

We've been into anything Beatrix Potter lately.  Acacia just loves audio books and spent her daily quiet time listening to them until she poured water into the CD player.  The Beatrix Potter collection was her newest favorite.  We don't own any of the series but we've borrowed The Tale of Peter Rabbit from the library.

This is how much of an auditory learner she is:
1.  She corrected me when I was reading to her.  In the audiobook version, the reader has a beautiful, strong English accent.  She reads, "Mr. McGregor went back to work."  Are you reading it with an accent?

When I read it, minus the cool accent, Acacia said, "No... Mr. McGregor went back to WALK."

2.  She figured out by listening to a Veggietales music CD that the voice of Bob the Tomato is done by the same person as Mr. Lunt, the Mexican squash.


On a totally unrelated topic, I have exciting news!  We have officially decided that we will all be going on the trip to Peru this June.  I cannot wait to get back and catch up with old friends and introduce our ragamuffins.   In order to earn a little extra money for airfare, I have decided to set up my Etsy shop and see if I can sell a few handmade items.

The kid's global fashion line is called BRAJAkids.  For now BRAJAkids has only two styles.  pint-sized gaucho / samurai/ culotte pants and a select few gaucho pillowcase rompers.  I have been working hard to organize my fabric stash and make sure I have everything I need to crank out many many pants while Brandon's parents are visiting.  (Thanks Mimi and Pops.... you didn't know what you were getting in to, I guess!) 

You will see the Etsy button below our family pictures on the left side of the page.  That's the link to my shop.  I'll let you know when we are up and running!

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Mimi said...

How very exciting! Can't wait to help!


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