Thursday, April 1, 2010

Feed me, Seymore!

We are NOT spending any more money on our cute rental house, it is on the market and we'd be nuts to put money into it right now.  Besides, we're cracking down on extra spending, because we will be finished with our Dave Ramsey debt snowball in July! (whoo hoo!)

But, we HAD to do something about the mutant dandelions that were trying to take over our front and back yards.  I didn't want to spray in the back because it's where the kids play.  So, I've been digging them all up everytime we go outside.  But the front was totally out of control.  From the street, our house was starting to look like an abandoned property which is both embarrasing and unpleasant.  Acacia started referring to it as the "field of pricklies".

I'm talking about 3 foot tall spiky dandelions.  Everywhere.  Our very own Little Shop of Horrors.  And we get our grass cut every two weeks.  Mutant dandelions.  Taking over.

I splurged on some heavy duty lawn spray a few days ago and today I busted out the camping tent for the kids and my very thick garden gloves and went to town.  It was therapeutic, fun, and it looks awesome.

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