Friday, April 2, 2010

a very unkosher passover and the real meaning of Easter

We had a great time celebrating passover and thanking God for setting us free from the captivity of our own self-destruction.  It was horribly unkosher, although we did have matzoh.  We did actually do a Seder and it was incredible.  Especially seeing how those traditions were fulfilled in Jesus and His passover celebration (the last supper) with His disciples.  Amazing.  It takes "this is My body..." to a whole new level.  So incredible.

I have no pictures of the event because it honestly didn't even cross my mind.  Or Braj's either.  Not until after we finished cleaning.  But, I do have a shot of the thrift store score Seder platter I got for $6. 

Passover reminds me that I don't need an evil Pharaoh enslaving me.  I do it myself.  I handcuff myself to my intense desire to self-serve.  I drag around a slave's ball and chain that is the burden of my quest for "pleasure" and ease. 

The mystery of Jesus is that when I surrender my own desires and perceived needs to Him, I find the rest that I was looking for in those things and I no longer need them.  This seems to be a recurring theme to me these days, and to other mommy friends of mine.

Chels said it HERE.  Alyssa said it HERE.

We sacrifice our kids on the alter of self-preservation, self-realization, self-actualization in the quest to find ourselves, to reclaim the cool, independent, innovative, fun women we were pre-kids.

It is clear in Scripture that DYING to ourselves and taking up crosses (aka sacrifice, pain, messes, interruptions, altered schedules, more messes, less me-time) and following Christ is what is required of us. So why do we balk at that as mothers? I must die to my sinful nature every day as a Christ-follower, and to be honest, my sinful nature and selfishness shows up most in my motherhood. So it makes sense that AS A MOM, I MUST DIE TO MYSELF and my sinful, selfish agenda and pride. I must divorce my self-absorbed self to properly sacrificially love and attend to my kids.

Do I still need alone time? Sure! So, I make myself get up earlier (novel idea) than the girls... which means I must make myself go to bed earlier than I would "like" so that I can still be alert and attentive to my kids the next day.
On that note, it's midnight.  I guess I should go to bed.  Especially since both kiddos have diarrhea and fever.  No telling what tonight or tomorrow might hold.  Good night!


typos call me kaite said...

un-kosher meaning ham and shell-fish? unkosher meaning you ate leaven? or un-kosher meaning you didn't really know what you were doing? there are many degrees of kosher!

typos call me kaite said...

either're on your way!! E for EFFORT!

shannon said...

Unkosher meaning "where's my kaite? Is she hiding with the afikomen?". Next year... Either in Jerusalem or Miami, eh?!


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