Sunday, May 23, 2010

back in the swing

Whew, we made it through a rough patch.  Glad to be back.  The last two weeks have been unusually full.  I'll spare you the whining. Moving on...

Great news: we don't have to move out of our darling rental house just yet.  We have at least 2 months before we'll know anything about whether the short sale deal will go through.  That means we will finish paying off our debt snowball AND we can continue to focus on the upcoming trip to Peru without thinking about packing and moving. This is very, very good.

Good news: I've been working on children's lessons for our trip and they're coming along just fine.  If anyone out there needs 3 45-minute, backyard-bible-club-type lessons in Spanish... just let me know.  I'll email them to you.  They are all ages lessons, each includes a memory verse and the theme is "God Made It! Dios Lo Hizo!" (creation and His individual love for each of us).

Good news: I just discovered a book that I am really enjoying.  It's called The Mission-Minded Family by Ann Dunagan.  I'll give you an excerpt.

-At a missions conference in India for YWAM families.  The woman assigned to teach the 75 missionary kids while their parents were in sessions took them to the prayer room.  The oldest kid was 12, most were very young.  She explained what the room was for, and that it was not play time.-
"As the kids entered the room, they quietly took off their shoes and lined them up in rows.  A moment later, as I walked into the room, it's hard to explain that I saw.  The children were praying for the US, Pakistan, Iraq, and many other nations.  Some prayed loudly, some prayed silently, and others were worshipping with their hands lifted.  A few were sitting quietly on the red cushions and watching.  As I walked over to the area set aside for specific prayer requests, I saw that a little boy had written the word Antarctica in his best penmanship.  He had his hand near the word and was praying softly.  As I came near, he explained that he was praying for the scientists there to see the beauty of God's creation so that they would know Him."
Real News: The main reason I haven't posted much lately is because God has been doing some serious spelunking in my heart.  I've written about Jesus spelunking before.  So, here's the deal.
I've never really been a just-go-with-the-flow-and-don't-ask-too-many-questions type girl but sometimes I get tired or overwhelmed or lazy and I just want someone to give me the answers and not have to figure them out the hard way.  It's this constant sifting.  It's so exhausting.  But so stinkin' necessary.
I think that because the culture is growing more corrupt, Christians are terrified of what might happen to, or become of their children.  Instead of releasing them to God, a la Abraham, they turn to manmade sets of rules that they believe will give them some assurance that everything will be peachy.  The real issue I'm having is that there are soooo many new movements and sets of rules out there that everytime I turn around I'm jumping from some snare or another.  It's nuts, ya'll... totally nuts.  I think that's why my new book is so refreshing.  So far, no red flags and I can enjoy it and be challenged to release my little ones into God's very capable hands for His purposes.  His Kingdom, remember... not this one. 

Some references:
2 Timothy 3
Colossians 2
All of Galatians, especially 5:1-9

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