Monday, August 30, 2010

our 10th home

Since we got married in December 2000, we have lived in:

1. The little limestone house in Texas
2. Camping in Mexico
3. Studio apartment in South Beach
4. Leaky but adorable back cottage in Miami Beach
5. A tent in the Amazon jungle
6. The upstairs apartment of some good friends in downtown Miami
7. The community house... an experiment gone wrong
8. A carriage house blocks from the ocean
9. Our first grown up house
10. and now... what will we call it...  Beauty On The Inside, I think.

Our rental house sold, as we knew it would when we moved here, so we're off to the next place.  The rental market is nuts and we hard a hard time finding a place.  But, God provided... as He always has.

The entire inside and outside is peaches-n- cream.  Tasty, but not my favorite color.  It has ZERO curb appeal.  Not a plant in sight.  

The inside has totally grown on me.  I can see past the peaches-n-cream and have embraced the tiny footprint.  And... it has a wood burning fireplace.  With a giant art deco mantle.  Hello Christmas! 

We decided to paint.   Ben Moore- Rockport Gray- it's the same color we have in our Florida room.  I LOVE grey, always have, always will.  It is not a dreary or sad color to me... it is crisp, refreshing, cozy, and very, very happy.  Especially when paired with white.  Love it.  We're painting the bedrooms as well.  We stumbled upon some free carolina blue for the kiddos room and I'm hoping to spread the grey love to our room as well. 

The kid's room, the only room that's finished:

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