Friday, September 3, 2010

ahhhh... rental kitchens!

Moving day is tomorrow and I am trying to tie up loose ends today.  Yesterday I took the kids to the beach because we all needed a diversion.  The house is looking great, thanks to my insanely hard-working husband and a couple of his friends.

There is, however, a problem area.

The kitchen.

Narrow, galley-style.  Tiny sink.  Faux-marble countertop and backsplash.  Faux-wood cabinetry.  Terrible hardware that magnifies the cabinetry (easily replaced).  Mismatched appliances, some white, some cream.  Breaker box is sort of in-your-face.

BUT... it does work, and it overlooks the back yard.  And that door leading to the yard that you see... is an original and has this cool flap down window thing that feels very farmhouse-y.
Inspiration photos:
Pegboard for storage... Julia Child-style.  Also think paining the whole thing white might help brighten it up a little.

Anyone ever tried using tin roof flashing as a magnetic backsplash?  I wonder if I could do it on top of existing veneer? 

Can you paint over veneer?  I could chalkboard paint over the backsplash.  Just leave the countertop maybe? Any ideas welcome.

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juneheller said...

I would LOVE to be your landlord. Such great ideas.


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