Thursday, September 16, 2010

sort of moved in

We got internet yesterday and our bedroom is  box-free... other than that it is still total chaos around here.

I'm really trying to unpack and nest but there are boxes EVERYWHERE!!!  In fact, there are so many boxes that it feels like something from an episode of Hoarders.  Minus the cats. 

Since neither Braj nor I are even the slightest bit inclined to hoard, we are having a big, huge, blowout, everything-must-go, priced-to-sell, yard sale this weekend.  Please pray that many people come and buy all of our stuff; cuz once it's outside, it ain't comin' back in. 

The main reason for the sale is to clear out some space, but we are also planning to use the yard sale money to purchase the few things we need for this house.  Like this:

The backyard is incredible.  Incredible in a blank canvas kind of way- the entire lot is .25 acres without a single tree.  Not incredible in a sherwood- forest-meets-tropical-jungle-paradise kind of way.  But it will be fun to playscape.  Here's the before shot:

And here's my plan:
+ That's bamboo reed fencing around the west side of the patio to avoid my nosy new neighbor.  $23 for 16 feet of it at home depot here.
+On the far east side is a curvy mammoth sunflower bed with salvaged tropical hardwood logs as sitting spots along the perimeter.  My neighbor just cut down a fantastic large tree.  Her loss, my gain.
+The square area next to it is our bottle gourd vine hut.  I'm growing the gourds up tomato cages in four corners and linking the cages with long sticks or whatever I can find.
+Of course, our prized kid's kitchen sink is already hooked up and in full service.  I have a fat stump from the salvaged neighbor's tree planted next to it as a mudpie prep area.


Mimi said...

I love your yard plan. You're so creative: you'll turn it into a wonderful place to play and enjoy the outdoors in the cooler days of fall and winter.

chels said...

i really need you to live closer. i would totally buy your stuff, number 1, and number 2 i need you to help me decorate/organize my house. oh yeah and 3.) i just miss being around you.


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