Monday, November 15, 2010

november and still going to the beach

If there's anyone out there in frozen tundra (michelle... you out there?) don't be hatin'.  Remember, we endure long, humid, hot summers to be rewarded with awesome falls and winters.

Chasing seagulls.

Fuzzy, I know, but still... so sweet.

 Nothing quite as good as sand in the toes.

I'm trying to practice with backlighting and lens flair.
I don't quite have it down yet... way underexposed.  But learning.

We met the cutest family there, enjoying the sun and trying avoid getting pooped on by the seagulls.

 Playing with aperture.

The highlight of our beach visit for Jackson... "truck! truck!"

 The top pictures were yesterday evening, we went back this morning for breakfast on the beach.
Shadow dancing.

God surprised us with a few beautiful things this morning.  
Jesus Loves U written in the sky- upside down, but still true!

I don't have photoshop or lightroom, the ocean really was glistening this morning.


ziondreamer said...

Sister these photos are amazing. LOVE THEM. Chasing seagulls is my fav. Braj and the baby a close second.

Love you.

shannon said...

girrrrl! YOU are amazing. Miss you tremendously and love YOU! Met a girl on Thanksgiving that went to your worship conference. She said it changed her life, for real. She was a worship leader down here. Was... sadly, not is.


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