Tuesday, July 19, 2011

june in texas

Hey, look!  I'm almost current!  Almost!

The kid's and I took a short trip to Texas in June to see my parents and to attend the Fredricksburg wedding of a good friend.  Here's a few favorites:

Acacia's new favorite.  Douglas the armadillo.  Not road kill.

Are these not beautiful?  Total boot envy.  Too bad they were like $800 or something!
I thought all the crazy people dancing on the side of the highway 
lived in Miami and worked for the Gold Buyers??

 Fantastic.  Just perfect.  Lawnmower turned mailbox.

Shoepf's BBQ.  
This incredible pit somewhere a few hours from Waco, I think.  
You bet I brought my camera, this place was a gold mine!

 Just throw the meat on my tray, please.  No plate necessary.

 Sign of Texas: A cooler full of Shiner Bock

 Best brisket sandwich ever.  
And if my family wouldn't have stopped me, I would have finished off that cup of barbeque sauce.

In case you forget where you are, there's a sign above the register.

For my brother's birthday we all went to see Stomp.  The kid's LOVED it!

Just part of the family.  Mom and Dad, both brothers, and my kids. 

 Such a special time together!!  Thanks Mom and Dad!!

1 comment:

ziondreamer said...

LOVE these photos Shannon!
You are a blessed woman.

Miss you. Let's chat soon.

PS, I too am obsessed with fancy cowgirl boots. mmm, mmm, mmm. Have you seen gypsyville.com?
That's where my wish list comes from :)
That, and Sundance catalog.

Love you sister.



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