Wednesday, February 27, 2008

muffin's stats: 1 year check up

Statistic 1: weaning
"How many times do you nurse her in 24 hour period?"

"Between 4 and 6" ( I lied, it's between 7 and 9, but I didn't want to sound like a freak)

"all during the day?"

"ummmm, no"

"once at night?"

"ummmmm... no. usually 3 times during the night"

"what?! and you don't have a head of grey hair?!"

(nervous laughter)

"listen, mom. she doesn't need to nurse during the night and you both need some sleep. i want you to wean her from her night feedings."
When I told the doctor she didn't seem interested in cow's milk, soy milk, goat's milk, or almond milk, he said, "If you had steak for breakfast and steak for lunch, would you want steak for dinner too? As long as she's getting breastmilk, she won't want other milk. Once you start to wean her, she'll drink milk."

Statistic 2: This may be hard to believe, but our little chunkybottom is in the lower 25% for her age/height and weight. She's 28 inches tall and weighs almost 20 pounds. Tiny little thing. Nothing to be concerned about though.

Statistic 3: We have to get her eyes checked out by a pediatric opthamologist in April. She may be crossed eyed. They say if you catch it early enough, you can correct it.


hubby said...

How's that for open and honest! You're awesome babe.

juneheller said...

was that Dr. Leitner? Just curious. I loved that the pediatrician used "steak for dinner" to describe your milk.

First the paci weaning, now the milk weaning, girl, you are brave. Thanks for trailblazing mommyhood for us.

(keeping Acacia's gorgeous little eyes in prayer)

shannon said...

Actually it was Dr. Eisenberg... the one whose wife is a lactation consultant!


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