Friday, June 27, 2008

wretch like me

I'm pregnant. Many of you know this exciting news already, and those that don't now have a good explanation for why I have not been blogging lately. Between the nausea and exhaustion I have chosen to spend Acacia's nap time either sleeping or barfing.

Which leads me to yesterday, and the title of my blog today.

****WARNING: this blog post is not for the queasy or faint of heart****
throwing up- I think this is what most people do when they are motion sick or have a stomach bug.
wretching my guts out- this is what I do. It's loud. You could also call it extreme projectile vomiting. If it were an olympic sport, I'd get the gold. It usually sends me into the shakes afterwards and it takes me awhile to catch my breath.

The morning sickness has not been nearly as difficult as it was with Acacia; partly because I don't have to work at Starbucks this time around. Yesterday was different. I woke up wretching my guts out. I couldn't stop. Acacia thought it was hilarious and was trying to imitate me. Once my body finally relaxed I was able to get down some yogurt. I spent the rest of the morning on the couch trying to stop gagging and think of something I could eat. The only thing I could come up with was Gary's Barbeque in China Grove, North Carolina.

At one point, I even thought about calling them to see if they could overnight some. I seriously thought about Gary's Barbeque all day. I finally settled on some Rainbow Sherbert and a huge cup of ice and then Acacia and I both napped for two hours.

When Brandon got home, I sent him to the store to pick up another bag of ice and some macaroni and cheese. I ate, put Acacia to sleep and began to wretch my guts out again. Once my stomach eased up, I had some more Rainbow Sherbert and a cup of ice and then called it a night.

For the record, today is pretty normal. I woke up pretty refreshed at 6 am and had a bowl of cereal. For those of you that are tempted to feel sorry for me, I am officially 12 weeks tomorrow and should be feeling much better very soon. Until then, I am comforted by my cups of ice and the knowledge that in a few short weeks we will be in North Carolina and I can get my Gary's Barbeque fix.


Chelsea Hudson said...

i still reserve the right to feel really sorry for you but so hope it gets better soon!! love you and miss you!

juneheller said...

I completely forgot about all of that. You brought me back to the time that I was in Davenport, Iowa and I walked out of the bathroom, crying, went up to the usher and said..."I threw up in your sink, I couldn't make it to the toilet, I'm so sorry" (sob, sniff)

I guess this means you won't be posting a recipe this week.

Gable said...

oh shannon. you make being pregnant seem like such fun. i can't wait until 2036 when clay and i start trying.

thinking about you:)

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! Pregnancy is rough, but SO worth it. Another baby, how exciting...congrats!


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