Thursday, October 30, 2008

the kid's room, again...

I realize I'm revealing my obsessive/compulsive side, but we're all friends... right? The truth is, even if we're only going to be in this house another 5 months or so, I'm going to be here ALOT those next 5 months and it would be very nice to feel relaxed and comfortable in our little home. I'm not trying to do something fancy like my friend Mat's 2nd baby's nursery:

I just want it to be cohesive and restful; oh, and on an extremely tight budget. There's no reason to get all crazy here. Now, why is that so difficult?

So, as much as I like the acacia wood pieces from Pottery Barn, the set is $100 and it's not really all that cool. I could fake it for about $10.

I still need to do something over the crib, though and as much as I'd like to paint... I'm not going to. I'm thinking vinyl wall decals. They're inexpensive, easy to put up, and removable. Here's three I'm considering; what do you think?

This first one is my favorite, it doesn't come with the birds, they're a separate decal. If you want to see more decals for your own place, check out this etsy site.


juneheller said...

I like the first decal A reminds of you, down to the birdhouse in the tree. I'm going over to etsy to shop for my baby's new room.

AL said...

I spoke with your dad the other day and he told me about your blog. it was fun checking it out and reading about everything going on with you and your family.
I love the first decal, i might get it for my room.
hope to see you soon - Amy Langbein

shannon said...

What a wonderful surprise!
Yes, I guess an arborist would like that one.

Next time I'm in Dallas, I'd love to see you... it's been quite awhile!



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