Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feliz Naviad!

We've had a great Christmas with Acacia! We did stockings for each other (thanks Grandma Smith!) and Acacia had a great time digging through hers to find what goodies we stuck in there.
We had two big gifts for Acacia this year... one gift of love (read "homemade") this cute big sister t-shirt dress I made with some leftover Amy Butler fabric from a patchwork skirt that I did a while back.
The other big gift is Acacia's new Learning Tower. I've wanted one of these for several months, but they retail for $200 plus shipping, so I tried to have some patience and keep looking for a second hand one. Well... the other night I was up with false labor contractions most of the night and happened to check out our local craigslist and found one that had just been posted. It was $70, which is still a good chunk of money but it is already worth it. She totally loves it, loves washing dishes, helping cook, washing her hands, and we made tortillas together last night.

Anyway, that's it for us here... hope you had a great Christmas, too!


Chelsea Hudson said...

sweet! my gift this year is a sewing machine!!!!!! SO excited. Can you give me some easy, starter, learn-to-sew projects????

Gable said...

dang weren't kidding about your stomach! great talking with you earlier. have a fabulous time this weekend with brandon's parents~

Devin said...

Enjoy The Learning Tower! I work with the parent company, Little Partners, so I just wanted to thank you for posting about it! I'm glad to hear you've already gotten a lot of good use out of it =) Happy New Year and happy learning!


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