Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy 8th Anniversary, Babe!

The Hensel Phelps Company Christmas Party was at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach (Florida's west coast, by Tampa... a 5 hour drive). We decided to extend the trip and celebrate our anniversary, too. The resort was beautiful and we somehow managed to get an incredible free triple upgrade to an ocean front Suite, like this one:

Here's some highlights:
Acacia enjoyed the provided childcare and promptly told us when we picked her up, "Noah hold me!" Which means Santa Claus paid them a visit and he held Acacia (because she was the cutest kid in there, I'm sure). She thinks Santa is Noah... as in Noah's Ark. I guess it's the beard.

A HUGE bathtub. I took at least 3 baths in our two nights at the hotel. It was so great, that I've decided to have baby #2 at the birth center instead of at home so I can go through some of my labor in the tub!

Watching the awesome sunsets on the beach and talking walks with little Muffin. Finding cool shells (we just don't have them in Miami) and crabs and things, building sand castles and burying her feet. What a delight! They light this bonfire on the beach every night for the guests.

I guess the biggest highlight was just spending time as a family of three before our little boy arrives. I am soooooo blessed. Thank you, Lord, for my incredible family.

Tuesday was our actual anniversary, so we had some friends watch Acacia and we hit up this restaurant, Sushi Samba, that we've thought about going to, but it looked to expensive and not child friendly enough for our "family dates". We used some birthday/ anniversary gift money and splurged. It was incredible. Brandon says it was the best dinner he's ever had. Oh my! Sushi Samba is a Japanese-Brazilian Restaurant... we went more on the Brazilian side and scored big time. Clay... if you're reading this... we didn't order it, but apparently they have the most amazing calamari ever.

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Anonymous said...

SWEET! We had out Christmas Party in Sedona last weekend too! Cool place as well! Love it! Only prob... Sydney now has strep... likely picked up the party night with all the kiddos hanging in the same room. :)



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