Sunday, October 11, 2009

update on my dirty hippie hair

Well, I think I went 4 weeks without shampooing; which is a few weeks shy of hitting the official hippie mark. My hair never became dreads... though I have always secretly liked them. This is not me; but what beautiful locks, no?!

I don't know exactly how long I lasted between washes because when I wrote the original post I *think* it had been about a week; but I'm not exactly sure. After Acacia poured the vinegar in her bath I never refilled that squirt bottle. I just used the baking soda rinse. Baking soda mixed with water doesn't clean your hair. Maybe if I'd stuck to the vinegar rinse it would have helped.

It was fine for the first two weeks, but that last one was kinda gross. I tried to make do with some new homemade goats milk soap; but it didn't help. My hair was never noticeably oily, it just felt dirty. So I broke down and shampooed this weekend. And I loved every minute of that detergent fizzing up in my hair.

I think I'll stick to my original plan which is to go as long as possible between washes (a week or so), and then when I wash to use a natural shampoo of some sort. Oh, and get a HAIRCUT sometime soon.

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