Monday, April 12, 2010

a great weekend and an early birthday gift

Braj gets a big gold medal for all the love he showed this weekend.  What an incredible man I am married to.

I had two friends (an old one and a new one) coming in town this weekend and they are both professional photographers.  This is Chelsea's photography blog, I'm not sure if the new friend has a separate photography blog or not.  We had a BLAST!  They were on different time zones so we stayed up way past my bedtime swapping stories and catching up.  We walked up and down ocean drive, across Lincoln Rd., they did a fashion shoot with some girls from church.  And Braj was super daddy all weekend. 

He also decided to slip me an early birthday/mother's day (same day this year!) gift.  A very weet new-to-me Canon 20D.  It's perfect.  Here's some shots of the kids this weekend while I try to figure out my new toy.  I love being on the shooting side of the camera.  I'm already have a blast with this.  Babe, you are AWESOME!

1 comment:

chels said...

awww, these are awesome Shan!!!! I love them! i can't wait to see more of your pics in the future.... and man, what a fun time we all had!! i think we all need a vacation to catch up on all the sleep we lost on vacation. :)


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